January 11, 2018

Solar Power In India

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India Rank’s 4th for Solar Power Generation

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Power is the most critical component of infrastructure which affects the economic growth and welfare of nations. To meet this surging demand Solar energy is the best form of energy. Solar Power in India is the fast growing industry. Solar power operates at a nominal cost as no fuel costs is involved and maintenance cost is the operational cost. Solar Energy is considered as Clean energy. Solar Energy is also considered as Renewable Energy Source. Renewable energy companies are striving hard to meet the targets set up by Government of India under National Solar Mission. Solar panel costing has come down appreciably in recent years due to substantial demand created through initiatives of Government of India. Commercial Solar is very popular these days especially for petrol pumps, malls, hotels etc. Solar panel cost have come down heavily in recent years. The Solar electricity must be stored for use during peak period which is late at night while the energy can be harnessed in afternoon (12pm to 4pm). Solar system for home electricity consumption is being adopted very commonly these days. Rooftop solar power is a typically small solar power plant system mainly provided by solar panels installation on the roofs of independent houses, factories, parking sheds, residential and commercial buildings and so on.
India is a tropical country and it receives solar radiation almost throughout the year. States like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Orissa, Punjab have great potential for tapping solar energy due to their location. Solar energy is environment friendly.
Use of Solar power plant for home is becoming popular. Residential solar systems can suffice the entire requirement of electrical operation commonly through on grid solar systems. Solar system for home electricity consumption is being adopted very commonly these days.
Home Solar panelsSolar battery chargers operated off grid system are also available. Off grid solar, uses battery and battery chargers. Small solar panels are used for operating small equipments such as garden lights etc. and they too are very popular. Solar powered generator plants which are usually operated at higher capacities are priority choice of investors. Solar Inverter is used for on grid solar systems. Solar powered air conditioners are also nowadays being made available. Solar power plant or Solar power project typically consists of solar panels which generally produce DC power source, solar inverter which converts DC power supply into AC, DC/AC cables, Earthing system, Lightening system, solar meters etc. Solar power plants can be monitored from remote places through Wifi setup or GPRS setup at module level or at plant level.
Solar technology has undergone drastic improvements over the years. Solar panels are constructed out of Photovoltaic cells (typically 60 or 72 no’s joined in series). The available Solar panel efficiency can be commonly seen available between 16-21%. Solar Photovoltaic systems are popularly known as Solar PV systems. These days there are number of Solar panel manufacturers are involved in solar business in India. . Supply of solar panels is made by manufacturers through their network of Solar panel distributors. Solar panel suppliers or their channel partners can be located in nearby places very easily. Companies are further striving hard and making ample efforts for manufacture of most efficient solar panels. They continue to focus on R & D activity for this purpose Solar energy is one of the Alternative energy amongst Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass, Biogas etc. and is abundantly available in India.

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Article by : Mr. Atharva Kulkarni, Executive Sales & Marketing